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Our clients

Genevensis Healthcare Communications, the longest-standing dedicated healthcare agency in the French part of Switzerland, provides communications for business advantage in the healthcare sector.


Genevensis has a proven track record with a wealth of experience across a range of therapeutic areas and audiences Europe-wide. We welcome opportunities in any area that does not conflict with our current portfolio. According to the need, push or pull marketing communications developed by Genevensis are cost-effective, customised and create competitive edge with a wide variety of audiences.

Genevensis has a particular strength in building mindshare between two completely different value systems – not-for-profit and industry – requires working towards a common goal. Genevensis puts together programmes that allow exactly that, based on relationship building, trust, market knowledge and market intelligence.

Medtech and biotech

We work with start-ups at different levels of their funding and development. We know how to tell the stories that help build value for the start-up. Value is a multifaceted word that touches upon perception, emotion, fact and experience. We know how to use all those elements to position products and companies.

With start-ups we achieve media coverage, in the right media according to objectives, and devise communications plans that lead all the way to the exit – IPO or trade sale.

Using all the tactical tools to convey scientific and product messages, Genevensis can provide pre-launch communications, key opinion leader development; patient and professional group relations; advisory boards; roundtables and seminars; patient literature; media relations; new media; and educational meetings.


Public health and NGOs

Geneva is the international city par excellence, hosting the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Labour Office (ILO), all of which develop policies that directly or indirectly affect the healthcare industry.

Throughout the year, formal and informal meetings in each agency affect health policies worldwide. Each spring the WHO’s World Health Assembly brings in hundreds of delegates from Ministries of Health, industry and the not-for-profit world and focuses on the health issues to hand.

Genevensis Healthcare Communications has extensive experience in building win-win relationships with NGOs and alliances in the healthcare sector.

Some Genevensis clients

“More than twenty years dedicated to healthcare.”