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Our expertise

More than twenty years dedicated to healthcare. 

We boost your profile, position you in the market, increase investor interest, and augment sales for business advantage in the healthcare and life science sectors.

Building a corporate image and brands

We define, build and sustain your company and your product’s reputation to the relevant audiences. Once your goals are defined, we work together as a team to cost-effectively enhance your business by achieving clearly defined and measurable goals.

and advocacy

We know how to plan and run healthcare campaigns – in the media, with patient associations, government departments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). .

Crisis management

We help you prepare for the possibility of or manage a crisis. Reputations are often strengthened or destroyed depending on how a crisis is managed. Our skill is to make sure that your crisis does not become a disaster, and instead speaks well about your company, your products and your values. .

Reputation management

Media relations are an integral part of building a reputation, an image and a brand. Whether it is the international, national, regional, local or trade press we know who to contact and how to sell in your story effectively. Clear, great messaging is the key to success.

Moderation and
group work

Using an external consultancy to assist with strategies and processes can be a cost-effective way to achieve results. We have experienced moderators who can manage small and large groups according to outcomes expected. We have successfully assisted many different organisations in their planning and thought process.